You’ve done your research and know that eating healthy is where it’s at. 

Homemade kale chips? You’re on it. Organic spaghetti squash is in your fridge. You’ve cut back on your sugar, drink more water and are experimenting with gluten free.  

But then your girlfriend tells you about some new fad diet she read in Shape Magazine and you question if you’re doing the “right” thing.

You’re out to dinner and you peek over at the plate of the woman next to you.

You see something that resembles quinoa. But the rest of what she’s eating looks like Gweneth-Paltrow-healthy-food.

Your excitement has deflated for your beet salad, and you’re less than thrilled for the Miso Bowl with lentils, kale, sesame seeds and a veggie medley that was for dinner.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” ~Teddy Roosevelt

 I’ve navigated my entire life clued into what foods my body needs and desires, steering clear of fad diets, food that doesn’t serve me and feeling guilty about what I eat.

Am I a unicorn? I wish. I can teach you to master the foods that fuel your body.

For the longest time I was “that” healthy girl, making apologies and excuses for my meal choices.

I was embarrassed.

Honestly, it was easier to take a lactaid pill than tell the host I couldn’t eat their meal.

When I made the connection between what I was eating and how I was feeling, it was eye-opening.

I started running half marathons…for fun.

I wasn’t cranky, sloth-like or moody.

I slept better.

I stopped wondering if I was eating the “right” thing. I knew I was.

There’s room at my table for you. Join me.

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